How to Pop-Up Your Shop!

Learn from an expert on how to find, secure, design and manage your PopUp!

pop_up_retail_bookA Celebrity in Hollywood. A Fashionista in SoHo. An Artist in Miami.What do they have in common...? They are cashing in on the hottest trend in today's marketplace – Pop-Up Retail. Pop-ups are a booming business, turning up in once-empty spaces all across the retail landscape from city downtowns to suburban shopping malls. Filling the need for newness and excitement, popups are emerging as a new source of passion and profit for the retailing industry.This book takes you behind the scenes, deconstructs the phenomenon and provides a blueprint for those ready to get in and get popping. Christina Norsig, author of Pop-Up Retail, now offers one on one consultation and advisory services to individuals or groups who are looking for guidance and an advantage as they consider opening, managing and profiting from Pop-Up Retail. Christina Norsig, has executed several financially successful temporary stores. For a fee, merchants can gain guidance in staffing, insurance, design, marketing and logistics. Whether you're a merchant looking for shop space, a landlord looking for a hot tenant or a retail industry player hoping to understand the latest trends, Pop-Up Retail: How You Can Master this Global Marketing Phenomenon is for you. You will learn:
  • Why customers are drawn to pop-up retail.
  • What makes a great pop-up concept.
  • How to scout a pop-up retail location.
  • How to market a pop-up to attract customers.
  • What are the common pitfalls of pop-up retail and how to avoid them.
  • Through case studies, analysis and practical advice, Pop-Up Retail gives the reader the necessary tools to understand and profit from this booming retail trend.
It's Quick & Simple to Secure Your Pop-Up Storefront

1. Fill out our simple Request A Storefront form to secure this space.

2. Connect with the space owner and set-up a walk through and review all the aspects of the rental.

3. Call us directly to discuss any Potential Pop-up you see listed on this site. CALL SALES AT: 212-251-0621 or email:

4.To insure that your pop-up is a success get guidance and pop-up expertise from Christina Norsig. Learn how to proceed with insurance, design and marketing of your pop-up shop.